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Debo admitir que me he sorprendido jugando al menos durante media hora sin darme cuenta, me recuerda al conway's game of life. Muy interesante.

¡Me alegro de que te guste!


wweeeeelllll .... i like it , I am since 3 hours in a row, what I would like is a "pause" mode to stop the chain reaction that we do not want, and a "fast" mode to accelerate when it must wait.

Glad you like it! I don't think I understand what you mean by "pause mode"? You can press Escape to pause the game completely though ;p

I would like you to add 3 buttons on the interface that manage the speed of the game "zero speed" => nothing moves (x0), "normal speed" => move normally (x1) and "fast speed" => everything goes x2 or x3 (or x4) faste.

Sometimes if we have fun to make big pattern, we don't always anticipate the chain reaction, like adding an arrow that moves a whole line, several addition are made without we want it, with the speed at zero we can avoid accidents.

Ah, I see what you mean... However, embracing and dealing with the chaos is part of the game ;)


2hours :


Ok, I can attest that you beat the game

You might want to try out the new update, it should fix some issues and allow you to progress further ;)


Ahem ! .... hey did i beat the game ? LOL

Much better, it is much more readable ! i really don't know how long i play , maybe 7/8h , sadly i mess up in the end :(

I find it logical to make it more complex by grouping 5x5 but it is TERRIBLY LONG!

it would be nice to be able to read the absurd score by clicking on "nine nine nine" to compaire to my old score, is it normal that the last white timer still continues?


Yes, you most certainly beat the game ;D

Your score should be around 3.9199331 * 10^21, or 3910000000000000000000, which is part of the reason it switches to that once it gets that high

Thank you for playing!