This prison has been made to hold the most dangerous criminals in the known world, criminals so vile and dangerous even death is too kind a mercy for them. Now, someone has broken into it and freed them all from their cells, including the most dangerous one, the one capable of laying waste to the land. You are that prisoner, and you are determined to escape.


  • No random encounters - each fight has unique enemies and mechanics!
  • Complex battle system: You only have one character, but your options and actions per turn are greatly expanded. Correctly combo your abilities and manage your resources to achieve victory!
  • Enemies attack in predictable patterns - no getting two Flares in a row thrown at your face!
  • Tension system: As enemies are killed and the battle progresses, you get points to cast extra powerful abilities... but so do your foes!
  • Equipment progression: use each weapon or armor enough and it will permanently increase your stats. Try out new things each battle to become more powerful!
  • A lot of customization: Pick and choose your skills and equipment as you please without limits to get exactly the playstyle you want!
  • The Guard command actually does something useful!
  • Two available classes: Both can use all skills, but have different healing mechanics. Try out both!
  • Generous autosave: No backtracking or redoing required!

NOTE: The web version has an issue where the UI does not display correctly, and as a result, the TP bars are not visible. Download the desktop version to fix the issue.

This is a short game I made years ago to prototype the combat system for a game I am developing currently. I found it again recently and decided to finally clean it up and show it to the world, and here it is.


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First fight is way too difficult for how early it is.

Which one do you mean, the one right after leaving the first cell? Did you equip the stuff in the chest earlier?

(1 edit)

I did equip the sword and shards and such. The fight was still too difficult.

Nevermind, I was just bad at the game. lol

I'm glad you were able to persevere and get through it!