Canvas Town is a blank, colorless city - a perfect place to bring out your inner artist and fill it with color!

Canvas Town is a pacifist, puzzle metroidvania about filling a city with color: find new colors, open paths, and meet quirky characters as you make the little town yours!

  • No violence, no urgency, no pressure: relax and explore the city at your own pace!
  • Unlock new colors and upgrades as you progress, opening up new paths!
  • Non-linear world: pick your own way through the world and uncover its secrets!

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Great game, I'm suprized it didn't have more comments!

Thank you!


wow you respond fast!


top right flower-bridge can't be fixed (attempting to get in range of to the north-side flower causes the camera to focus on the south-side flower and leave the north-side flower outside the view)

Thanks for the report!

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I WAS ABLE TO DO IT LOL edit sorry about the caps


Nice game!
Even though the final stretch sure took some time :-)