Warning: This game has sudden noises and graphics and is not adecuate for those with a nervous disposition or the faint of heart.

Life is good.

You have a caring and loving girlfriend, no major worries, and absolutely nothing going wrong whatsoever. Such a shame that this great time is being somewhat spoiled by the endless rain...

Note: There are some known issues with audio in the HTML build we cannot solve. For the best experience, we recommend downloading the desktop version.

The team:

Contact: rodriguezsaseta(at)gmail.com


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DiasFelices_Linux_v1.1.0.zip 78 MB
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This game, man its both sad and scary at the same time cause this could happen to anyone, really loved how you guys made this game, well done team

Deleted 47 days ago

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it enough for such an elaborate review!

Deleted 47 days ago

un poco de problemas para jugarlo con la ultima actualización. pero al final pude probarlo y me gustó bastante. una historia corta pero concisa, una idea interesante y un pixel art hermoso. 


I did not know what to expect, but the building of atmosphere and the eventual ending.. just wow!


Is there only one ending?

There are three endings!


I really liked the Pixel art style reminded me The Darkside Detective I also really liked the story.

A very good game


This was a pretty nice game. 


Very nice

Full Play No Commentary


I think this was a great take on psychological horror. Not only did it have that creepy vibe but it had me rethinking if what I saw actually happened in some parts. The small touches like that really did stick with me and made me question what was real or not. Great job to the team!


this game is about depression after a breakup yeah?

seclusion people trying to help you but you ignoring them and endless rain outside

This game is open to interpretation, I hope you enjoyed figuring out what it means to you :)


Great game


grea jobs!