Game developed for the Indie Spain Jam 2022


Tales say that, in the dark and forgotten places, there is a monster that devours the faces of those who dare to look for him.

Your beloved, the love of your live, has been devoured by the monster. Now, you are going to challenge him to bring her back.

Play an unfair card game against a cruel monster. Will you find a way to trick him in its own game?


Cuentan que, en los lugares oscuros y olvidados, mora un monstruo que devora los rostros de aquellos que se atreven a buscarlo.

Tu amada, el amor de tu vida, ha sido devorada por tal monstruo. Ahora, vas a desafiarlo para traerla de vuelta.

Juega una injusta partida de cartas contra un monstruo cruel ¿Encontrarás una manera de engañarlo en su propio juego?


Pablo Rodríguez Saseta "prsaseta" - Design, Story and Programming

Mario "Afroskeleton" Gil - Art

Aina "ainaSGE" Gelabert - Art

Nés "iine" García - Art

Jacob "DonutDroid" García - Music

Christian "Chris Glitch" Machuca - Sound Effects

Berny "xPheRe" Cantos - Programming

Sergi "MrAceituno" Olives - Production

Contacto: rodriguezsaseta(at)


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izi pizi juego qlo malo <3


the game is simple, but very fun to play!! different every time as well, which i like!


This was a very fun game! The antagonist was very interesting :D

Thanks you!


The atmosphere,visuals,story, feeling, all is so awesome!
But the gameplay could be a bit more complex.
There are so great ideas though, like when the opponent gets annoying and gives you new rules and executes them...
Could be a great foundation for a more fleshed out experience which could play with rules and expectations even more,like inscryption...


I beat it first try!!!!!!1!!!!


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Really enjoyed this as a huge card-game fan! Would love to see a follow-up or update in the future!


Thank you!


beat it on my second try, but IS NICE, i like the atmosphere it gives, the bg music as well, is nice

Thank you!


I just wanted to play a simple card game, that's all. I may have gone on a rant in the attached video about his cheating ways, but I digress and let that speak for itself. This game was really good, not the scariest thing I've played, but there was definitely something eerie and unsettling about it. Played as part of a 3 Scary Games video, timestamps in the Details to jump directly to the playthrough!


peak game

I wanted to like this game, but I cannot abide a game that actively cheated me. The rules stated you cannot play two even cards in a row and you cannot play a card matching the tops of any stacks. His capture stack shows a 9, he plays a 9. I press the bell, I get penalized. He plays a 4, then a 6. I press the bell, I get penalized. Unless I'm supposed to ring the bell WHEN the cards are on the table, which it WON'T LET ME DO due to the bastard never shutting up, I don't see how I was in the wrong for ringing the bell. Without the 10 points he got because I tried to play the game properly, he lost, as I would've captured the 9 he played to capture my 2 on the last turn to get 101 points. Its a wonderful idea, and theming, and had an amazing premise, but the sheer frustration at the failings of the game ruined the experience for me.

9.5/10 on presentation and concept, but until either an explanation of why I couldn't call him on his cheating is proffered or whatever language barrier errors caused me to misunderstand the rules regarding the bell is fixed, I cannot give it more than a 5/10 on playability.

The "matching the top of a stack" card seems to be bugged from various reports we've seen, sadly; it'll get fixed eventually.

Glad to hear a fix is planned, and I'll gladly update my rating in the future once the fix is released and things are working more smoothly. As I said I conceptually love the game and it's theming, its just the frustrating current state that was bothering me.

By the by, the game is updated and that bug was fixed ;)

I'm pretty sure I'm still seeing this bug. :(

Which version are you playing?


I do not care if I beat this first try, this is honestly one of the most challenging and yet simple strategy games I Played


Beat it on my second try. Great game! It almost seemed like the creepy guy was slipping up as he started losing, and started making more mistakes. Was that intentional, or just me being lucky 😂😂


Awesome game! I finally won after a few tries and I had to write down the odds and evens to keep track lol. It's really fun!!!!!


¡Muy Bien! Me alegra mucha ver mas juegos en Español, y especialmente de alta calidad como eso. La parte mas mejor en mi opinión es el cuento pero los mechanismos del juego tambien son bastante buenos.


man that guy is a sore loser. still talking shit about me after i win.


en/ Amazing, one of the best indie games I played on! Highly recommended. The game is about 30~ minutes and is very fun and a bit scary.


es/ Increíble, uno de los mejores indies que he jugado en Lo recomiendo mucho. El juego dura unos 30 minutos y es muy divertido, da un poco de mal rollito.

Thank you for this amazing game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:

Really cool game! I've beaten it at second try with not even knowing the second rule :D


Loved the game design :>> as well as the little conditions added throughout the game. However, there are times when I really don't mean to ring the bell, yet it rings by itself. Nevertheless, very cool!! 


Very elegant and cool and thank you so much for taking the time to make an English version as well.  Much appreciated.


Me encanta el ambiente tenebroso que le habeis dado, muy bien resuelto


really good and fun, though I would prefer to understand the text! 

There is an english translation! Check "Opciones" on the main menu and you should see a dropdown to choose a different language

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Very fun and challenging game, the art is good the game is simple and very good dialogue, Various Challenges depends on RNG, took me 3 tries to beat it tho,
My only critique is the bell, you should make the whole bell clickable and not just  the top because it's too small.
Other than that 10/10 good game would recommend! 


Very high production for a game jam project. Very errie and creepy. Very interesting how well the games translates even though I don’t know much spanish. Very cool!


You can switch to English in the options menu x) Glad you liked it anyway!


I’ll give another try in english. :-)


amazing game, i realy enjoyed it


Loved it, and the extra bit after you win 😉

Me ha sorprendido muchisimo, el mejor que he jugado hoy. Esta noche voy a tener pesadillas. Felicidades al equipo.


Tremebundo jueguete, vaya equipo tan extenso y currante!

¡Muchas gracias!

Saludos a nes.


El pixelart es una maravilla y favorece muchisimo la inmersion en este juego de memoria y cartas. Los comentarios del monstruo hace que te piques aun mas con el juego y juegues bien tus cartas. 10/10, me ha flipado, volveré a jugarlo 💜

¡Gracias! ¡Me alegro de que te haya gustado tanto!


Inquietante ambiente, y las mecánicas muy curioso!

Esta muy currado felicidades. 

El arte me parece una pasada y la ambientación creepy con la música y sonidos esta de miedo  Jejeje.



Me ENCANTA. En concepto es sencillo, pero tiene una complejidad y una atmósfera muy muy  atractivas.

¡Me alegro de que te guste!


La cantidad de mecánicas, el azar de las cartas, como se entremezclan las mecánicas de maneras diferentes creando una buena rejugabilidad, la curva de dificultad cada vez que se añade una nueva regla, la cantidad de cosas a estar pendiente. Sistemicamente es una obra de arte de jugabilidad y muy entretenido, me llevé una buena sorpresa al jugarlo.

Le faltan sus detalles ahí y allá, como sonidos  y/o resposividad gráfica en tu mano de cartas al poner el mouse encima de ellas o en el menú, pero a parte de ello, la música y el arte están bien logrados!

¡Muchas gracias, me alegro de que te guste!


buen rollito creepy más guapo, muy original el duelo de cartas!