Game developed for the Indie Spain Jam 2022


Tales say that, in the dark and forgotten places, there is a monster that devours the faces of those who dare to look for him.

Your beloved, the love of your live, has been devoured by the monster. Now, you are going to challenge him to bring her back.

Play an unfair card game against a cruel monster. Will you find a way to trick him in its own game?


Cuentan que, en los lugares oscuros y olvidados, mora un monstruo que devora los rostros de aquellos que se atreven a buscarlo.

Tu amada, el amor de tu vida, ha sido devorada por tal monstruo. Ahora, vas a desafiarlo para traerla de vuelta.

Juega una injusta partida de cartas contra un monstruo cruel ¿Encontrarás una manera de engañarlo en su propio juego?


Pablo Rodríguez Saseta "prsaseta" - Design, Story and Programming

Mario "Afroskeleton" Gil - Art

Aina "ainaSGE" Gelabert - Art

Nés "iine" García - Art

Jacob "DonutDroid" García - Music

Christian "Chris Glitch" Machuca - Sound Effects

Berny "xPheRe" Cantos - Programming

Sergi "MrAceituno" Olives - Production

Contacto: rodriguezsaseta(at)


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I really like the game mechanics! The story is a little empty even en Español, but overall a very fun game! Ustedes hicieron un gran trabajo!

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he keeps calling me out on breaking a rule when i didnt??? am i missing something

edit: and literally right after i posted this comment i called him out on breaking a rule and he said he hadnt. he had. is it just my game because i havent seen other people say the same thing

im playing on chrome, desktop version, and in spanish if that even matters

second edit, i think i just misread one of the rules because i replayed once again and didn't have the same issue. you guys did an amazing job with this game, it's great fun <3


Absolutely loved the atmosphere. A very delightful game in a simple format.

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beat him second try, he breaks his rules every other turn at least so it is easy to win if you can remember what the rules are. 

I found moments where I couldn't play a card without breaking a rule so there should be an option to automatically lose the round and give him a card as points to avoid this. overall though, great game, I enjoyed it.


he literally cheated and broke the rules, and i got 1 and 2 7 times in a row


is there a way to see the art file for this game?


i changed resolution to max and accidentally turn off full screen mode and now the game is unplayable, redownloading it also doesn't work


Go to "C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Face Down" and delete "config.json"

Thanks you very much


I gave this a play the other day and made a vidya. It was pretty fun and I definitely enjoyed it. Props to all of you for making it and hope you guys do more awesome games like this!

Hi i want to know if there is a print and play ver or if someone could tellme how many cards are required so ill do it

Bc i dont know how many normal and special cards are

Hello! Any standard deck of cards would suffice, just take out all the cards that aren't 1-9. You could assign each of the suits to one of the special abilities (and one suit to no ability) and you'd be all set!

The game is really awesome. Great sprite art and atmosphere.

Cool game, some of the rules don't make any fucking sense, and that is maybe a translation issue. But, I was able to win, eventually. Good stuff, ending could have been more fleshed out, but I was just happy to win. This could be turned in to a full length game with a story and I would totally be into it!

Is it his left or ours for the second rule?


I won first try 96 vs 100, it was rather fun


I loved this game but I only saw and played it after voting was over I'm kind of sad I couldn't vote this game it's amazing.

Also I won first try


Half a year too late methinks, but thanks anyway! Perhaps leave a regular review?

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I am very sorry I was focused on a game jam before this and I don't know why but I thought this was part of the game jam but it wasn't part of the game jam I was doing, once again so very sorry!


"Es la primera vez en mi larga vida que pierdo"

Yo que acabo de ganar por la quinta vez: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


La amnesia es una enfermedad grave, no hay que burlarse de ello :(

no wa acabo de ganar en siete minutos

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HAHAHH! CHUPATELA DEMONIO! Segunda partida y le gané!

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¡Mola! Es raro encontrar juegos de cartas interesantes. Tuve suerte con las que me tocaron y logré ganar en la primera partida :D

it does not work on m1 :(

closes when i select a new game




I love the game and the art, also I finally won lol


Hello! I want to do fece down in real life.Could you please tellme how many cards and special cards i need?

Hello! Any standard deck of cards would suffice, just take out all the cards that aren't 1-9. You could assign each of the suits to one of the special abilities (and one suit to no ability) and you'd be all set!


Cool game! Love the art <3


he lost with 24 points lol



the way i easily won was because of how many times he broke the rule of no playing even cards from the left side of YOUR HAND-


mmm nice game
second rule was a bit confusing tho


Playing this game was so fun. Highly recommended if just are bored and looking for  something to focus on.


Great game! Interested in knowing if when the rules say that neither of us can play the card on the left if it's even, if we ring the bell when he plays an even card on our left or his left. Seemed to be wrong both ways!

Hello! It's supposed to be the left card from the perspective of the one playing it.

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No se ni como lo hice pero lo gane al primer intento jajajaja
Me encanto, esta buenisimo, el gameplay complejo, y lo injusto que es, le agrega mas dificultad, hace mas dinamico y entretenido un simple juego de cartas, la verdad 10/10


Me ha gustado mucho, desde el arte al concepto, ojala que ganes y puedas sacar una versión con mas contenido, lo único que veo que me gustaría mejorar es eso, que por ejemplo al final pudieses recuperar mas caras con distintas reglas, haciendo el juego mas complejo como en Dicey Dungeons, un 10 


it has a simple core gameplay: Whoever have the highest number in card, will take the smaller number.

And that's what I like!

because, from that core gameplay, you need to plan "How to get the Opponent Card" and you need to "If Opponent card number is high, he will catch your lowest card".

The story also good :D

sorry for bad grammar and limited vocabulary. But I recommend you this game!



increible juego molaria una segunda parte mas lar con mas lore etc. porque en si el concepto del juego es muy divertido

Ha sido genial, perdí la primera partida y me di cuenta que tenía que pensar mas, y el tener que estar pendiente de todo me ha flipado, experiencia 10/10

¡Me alegro de que te haya gustado!

I just play 4 times and I lost the 4 because the other guy gets 5 points all the time even if I'm not breaking any rule

Are you playing the latest version?

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izi pizi juego qlo malo <3


the game is simple, but very fun to play!! different every time as well, which i like!


This was a very fun game! The antagonist was very interesting :D

Thanks you!


The atmosphere,visuals,story, feeling, all is so awesome!
But the gameplay could be a bit more complex.
There are so great ideas though, like when the opponent gets annoying and gives you new rules and executes them...
Could be a great foundation for a more fleshed out experience which could play with rules and expectations even more,like inscryption...


I beat it first try!!!!!!1!!!!


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Really enjoyed this as a huge card-game fan! Would love to see a follow-up or update in the future!


Thank you!

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