A God and a Devil, exiled from their rightful positions

But, working together, they can regain each other's throne

HERETICAL is a top-down shoot 'em up with a twist: the two heroes are fighting simultaneously in two places, and it's up to you to keep them alive at the same time!

Dual Screen

Rip and tear angels on the left side while disintegrating demons on the right side - tactically switch characters with a button when the going gets tough!

Incredible violence

Chainsaws, flamethrowers, railguns and claymores: all manner of lethal instruments are available to purge the afterlives with!

The team

Pablo Rodríguez Saseta
Francisco José Fernández Naranjo
Daniel "Arts" Pérez
Óscar Martínez Sanchís
Jacob "DonutDroid" García
Jano SaGN
Andrés Barreto
Marco Sáez


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Download 61 MB
Download 75 MB
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Development log


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what a brutal game!