El apocalipsis llegó y se fue, y ahora solamente queda el silencio que deja atrás. Puedes sobrevivir a los monstruos, la oscuridad o la falta de comida, pero, al final, el verdadero desafío es encontrar un motivo para seguir adelante.

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The Apocalypse of You es un juego sobre el componente humano en una situación límite. Tendrás que lidiar con sentimientos de soledad, paranoia o ansiedad mientras continúas tu vida cotidiana como la última persona viva del mundo.

Vida cotidiana

Barre el suelo, échate una siesta o pierde el tiempo por internet - tienes todo el tiempo del mundo, así que aprovéchate.

El inhóspito exterior

La ciudad está infestada por los cuerpos andantes de tus antiguos vecinos y amigos. Cuando la comida se empiece a acabar, tendrás que arriesgarte a tener encontronazos con ellos.

El asfixiante interior

Verte forzado a estar entre las mismas cuatro paredes todo el día puede acabar resultando agobiante. Por suerte, las tiendas tienen un 100% de descuento en decoración interior.

Cayendo en picado

¿Estaba eso ahí antes? ¿Ese goteo es una cañería o las babas de un monstruo rondando el edificio? La paranoia y la soledad pueden acabar engañando a tus sentidos, o incluso a tu propia mente.


The apocalypse came and went, and now only silence remains. You may survive starvation or the things crawling in the dark, but the true struggle is keeping hope alive.

The Apocalypse of You is a game about the human element in a desperate situation. You'll have to deal with loneliness, anxiety and paranoia as you try to move on in your life as the last remaining person in the world.

Daily life

Take a nap, mess on your computer or finally clean the cupboards - it's not like you have anywhere else to be.

The desolate outside

The city is swarming with the animated corpses of former friends and family. As food and water run low, you'll have to risk life and limb facing them.

The suffocating inside

Being trapped between the same four walls day in and day out can take a toll on your psyche. Pilfering stuff outside may help you spruce up the place.

Down the rabbit hole

What was that noise? Did that thing just move or was that my imagination? Constant anxiety and loneliness may end up tricking your senses and clouding your reasoning.


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i did it. i read all the books, did all the exercise, wrote a book, and made a videogame while having every disorder and disability possible

and alexander wept... for he had no more worlds to conquer...

ps:could i have a hint of where our protagonist may be? as in what other game he may be in (or possibly a sequel? the apocalypse of us?)


I don't have any plans for any sequel or game in the same universe for the time being


darn... i hope he finds someone. someone who can help him with his problems.


i came back to this game. i'm going to try to survive sustainably with all the illnesses.

i did it.

i did the impossible.

goodbye to the apocalypse of you.

if it doesn't bother you may i have a simple reward in the form of an answer.

what happens next?

where did he go?

what happened to this human garbage?

i know this level of mastery must lead to the true ending.


The ending is open to interpretation: the protagonist either finds someone, or he doesn't; whatever you believe will happen according to your experience is canon.

i get it now! touch grass is the canon sequel to the apocalypse of you!


given some of your other games are also interconnected, then the protagonist of this game also could be anywhere in one of your newer games!

Perhaps... You won't know unless you try them all ;)


i wrote a book, and made a game. it's been more than a year and i still haven't found anyone. i sadly can't make a sequel to my book or game (if i could i would make a triple A level game with how much time i have)

is it even possible to find another survivor?

is there more to do? (there's still one secret i havent found)

can't i just burn down this entire city?

Hello! I hope you enjoyed playing, since it looks like you found nearly all the content!

There's no city-burning feature, I'm afraid. As for the survivors, if you haven't been able to find any, perhaps that's because there's none left?

The game has some somewhat obscure secrets with specific requirements; can't really tell which specific one you're missing. I'd say you can lay claim to having finished the game with how many you've found already.


and alexander wept, for he had no more worlds to conquer...

You can always try beating the game with all the difficulty modifiers on. I reckon that'll take a while...

alright. once i do that i will say goodbye to this game, forever. i'll tell you when i do.


i think the secret i didn't find in that playthrough was the necronomicon.


I just found your game and it's amazing. It is great to try to figure out how to survive the different problems that arise. I spend hours playing. 10/10 :)

I just have troubles finding the way to meet with other survivors. Could you give a hint?

Thank you!

I'd say the point of the game is that it's hard to meet other survivors ;)


outside area idea:the forest

the forest is a mixed bag. it's a place of many environmental hazards and has little supplies, but simply appreciating nature can do wonders for your sanity and the local wildlife reminds you that there is still life out there.

wait a minute? is that a fucking wendigo?

essentially. if you can afford the risk the forest is one of the best ways to keep sane. animals can be a source of food or simply admired to reduce loneliness. but if you explore the forest in the night, you might encounter something more dangerous that your normal zombie.

there's a stat called survivors found? is there any actual way to find survivors?

If you search enough, perhaps you'll find one!

well thanks. i thought i found one but it was actually a zombie. so what do you think of my area idea?

The game was finished a long time ago and I've moved on to another projects, so it's not going to be updated any time soon I'm afraid. Still, I appreciate your enthusiasm!

still. i think it's good to at least state ideas i have, even if they'll never be added. do you think it would fit the game? or do you think it would mess with balance?

It would go against one of the core tenets of the game, which is, there are no living creatures to interact with or observe other than the single plant. Furthermore, having an easy refill of sanity would throw balance out of whack, since a lot of stuff hangs on the fact that sanity is hard to recover and easy to lose.


what's the best way to manage both sanity and loneliness? it feels like trying to keep one in check makes the other much worse.

Exploring the city and the internet unlocks a few new activities that help with them, but overall they're meant to be hard to manage ;)

well it seems the only thing that helps with loneliness without hurting your sanity is watering your plant. can you tell me any good ways to increase sanity and decrease loneliness? i did beat the game on the easiest difficulty but i do want to see if i can find a more sustainable way to live.

(1 edit)

I think it's more fun to discover by yourself, but if you insist...

Meditation is a very risk-free and reliable way to increase sanity, but it requires an investment in other stats and must be unlocked by browsing the net.

There is another way to reliably recover sanity, but it's hidden - you'll find it if your character has "fun" enough times, so to speak ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

Después de haber jugado bastante puedo decir que es un juego muy entretenido y que te proporciona situaciones y momentos que dan mucho en lo que pensar. A medida que se avanza podemos encontrar bastantes secretos interesantes, además la máxima dificultad es un verdadero reto. En general me ha gustado mucho y lo recomiendo al 100%.