The Fog is enveloping the Earth

The last hope for Humanity is reaching the spaceship bound to the stars before the Earth is swallowed whole. You're a bus driver, driving what few survivors are left to the launch pad.

The Approaching Quiet is a turn-based tactical RPG about hard choices.

Manage your food and fuel to reach your destination

Decide who you can bring with you, and who will be left behind for the Fog

The story and gameplay are different each run!

The team


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Me lo he pasado bien, buena ambientación, música y gráficos. Buena mezcla de mecánicas :)

He grabado mi sesión con Playcocola por si sirve de ayuda :)


I had a great time with this game! I am still sad that I failed to save everyone :')


This was a fun game!

One note though: at the end speech, it mentions the propellors of the space ship. I think those are pretty uncommon on what is drawn as a rocketship. Maybe a translation error?


Hello! I played your game and thought it was very impressive. I thought I was going to lose for a bit there, but I either got lucky, or the game tipped the scales for the sake of excitement. Either way, I had a good time. 

While playing, I did find there to be some minor UI issues. With the main menu (web version), going full screen and quitting the game would make it freeze in place. Clicking the button would open a new tab and leave the store button highlighted. And during gameplay, when the character selection screen would pop-up, I'd get confused about what was going on.

Absolutely loved everything about this game. Thanks for making this!


Me gustó mucho. Destaco la ambientación y el tono logrado con el texto. La improtancia de sentir que algo te está persiguiendo. Y el simple pero efectivo sistema de batalla.

Muy buen trabajo, la verdad es que me lo pasé muy bien.


DIOOOOOOS Esto está brutal!!!




Finished it on my second run, loved the ending twist !
Never had to use an ability because with some luck you can one-shot everyone.

Main missing thing in my opinion is some explanation about stats and what they do, I guessed I upgraded the armor of some team members but the only way to see it is to hover them during a fight.

Thank you for making this game !

Thank you for playing!